People Have Less Faith In Marriage

When asked whether people in the United Kingdom should be married before having children, the country’s citizens answered with a resounding ‘Yes’. At least 70% of people believed that married couples make the best parents and that couples should be married before having children. But that was over 25 years ago.

Recent statistics have changed. The overall belief is that people are indifferent as to whether or not parents should be married. 35% of people in Britain openly disagree as to whether or not parents should be married when having children while 37% still believe marriage is important. This radical change reflects the change in society’s view on marriage and that marriage does not constitute the modern family unit.

As expected, older citizens in the UK, as well as those with overwhelming religious convictions, are those that are in favour of marriage, however even those belonging to the Anglican church have begun to believe that marriage does not impact a couple’s ability to become good parents.

Other statistics, following the recent National Census that took place in the UK, include the percentages of people who believe that there are significant differences between married and unmarried couples living together. Three-quarters of the country believe that there are no significant differences between the two family setups and that the separation of the unmarried couple is just as traumatic as those failed marriages.

The entire view on marriage, and the beliefs concerning same-sex marriage, is taking an overwhelming step in a direction that considers it normal to raise a family where parents are either unmarried or not even co-habiting. It can be argued that this may have an impact on the way children are brought up, and could have long-lasting psychological repercussions. However, if ensured that proper parental care, love, and parenting techniques are used, there is nothing to state that such a family setup cannot work. Only time will tell.

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