Child Custody For Unmarried Couples

Nothing much changes regarding the custody of children who were conceived by an unmarried couple. In present day situations there are many children whose parents were never married, or whose parents were never even in a committed relationship with each other. But, where children are concerned, unmarried couples have to work together to ensure that their children’s futures are promising. Here’s a few tips regarding child custody for unmarried couples.

Even though couples are unmarried, it is still necessary that both parents take equal responsibility in ensuring that children are well looked after.

Most custody agreements are made out-of-court when it comes to children conceived by unmarried couples. Both parties must ensure that agreements are well-respected and that decisions are made in the best interests of the children. It is essential that unmarried couples construct a maintenance agreement with the help of a child custody attorney.

Both parents concerning child custody for unmarried couples should have joint custody of the child/children. Where this is impossible, or parents agree otherwise, parents should agree on who has primary custody or care of the child/children.

Visitation is every parent’s right, however if visitation creates problems for one of the parents, then unmarried couples may need to go to court in order to settle the visitation rights.

The same is true of maintenance and support. Unmarried couples should determine how much money is required in order for parents to care for the child and fulfill his/her needs. If an unmarried couple is unable to do this by agreement, then they should both resolve such obstacles in court.

It is important that unmarried couples realize the importance of having both parents involve themselves in all aspects of the child’s life. Both parents must support each other and respect each other’s concerns in order to ensure that the child is well looked after and has a fruitful relationship with both parents.

Child custody for unmarried couples need not be a difficult agreement, and the unmarried couple have the ability to support and love their child if they agree to work together for the welfare of that child.

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