Can I Sell My Section Title Even When Occupied By Tenants?

2020-07-16T13:37:48+02:00Jan 23rd, 2019|

Can I Sell My Section Title Even When Occupied By Tenants? A homeowner can sell his property even when leased out to a tenant. Tenants should be made aware of this fact.  For a homeowner of a sectional title who is no longer in a position to pay off the mortgage, bond or levies, this [...]

Private Debt Collection For E-Tolls

2020-07-16T13:45:53+02:00Jan 23rd, 2019|

Private Debt Collection For E-Tolls Private debt collection is being used by SANRAL to follow up on instances where E-Tolls have not been paid. Road users were notified by SANRAL via SMS that their non-payment has been noted and that legal proceedings will follow. After this notification SANRAL appointed the services of private debt collectors. [...]

Why Credit Assessment Makes Debt Collection Easier

2020-07-16T13:53:34+02:00Jan 23rd, 2019|

Why Credit Assessment Makes Debt Collection Easier In a day and age where thousands of consumers are inundated with bad credit in South Africa, it is important that credit providers take the necessary steps to ensure that they do not offer credit to anyone unless they perform a credit assessment on that person’s ability to [...]

Owning Sectional Title And Third Parties

2020-07-17T09:44:09+02:00Jan 23rd, 2019|

Owning Sectional Title And Third Parties Your home, one of your most treasured and costly possessions. Different situations can occur in which homeowners can find themselves on the brink of losing their homes with resulting devastation of the family. If you find yourself in a situation similar to the one outlined here, or if you [...]

Business Debt Collection And Municipalities

2020-07-17T09:46:39+02:00Oct 29th, 2018|

Business Debt Collection And Municipalities Businesses who have not paid their taxes will be penalised as per the plans revealed by The South African Local Government Association (SALGA).  The South African state coffers are seriously drained by 278 municipalities who are owed more than R25 billion in taxes by businesses who are in arrears. SALGA, [...]

How Can Commercial Law Attorneys Protect Your Business?

2020-07-17T09:48:36+02:00Oct 29th, 2018|

How Can Commercial Law Attorneys Protect Your Business? PricewaterhouseCoopers provides The Global Economic Crime Survey and has provided information regarding the current trends and hotspots of economic crime in this survey. As of present South Africa, unfortunately, suffers one of the highest rates of economic crime in the world. When compared to the international average [...]

Business Acquisition and Legal Checks

2020-07-17T09:56:43+02:00Sep 21st, 2018|

Big businesses are often involved in the acquisition of smaller companies. They undergo the process so often that all the legal requirements and checks are processed seamlessly. The lessons that they learn through business acquisition can give smaller businesses the advice necessary to undergo an acquisition and fulfil any legal requirements. Without said advice, businesses [...]

Municipal Job Cards Used In Debt Collection

2020-07-17T09:58:32+02:00Sep 21st, 2018|

The contractor who is responsible for the installation, repairing, maintenance and/or removal of either an electricity meter or a water meter on every property in South Africa is required to fill in an official job card. This municipal job card holds all the information regarding the installation/repair/removal of the meter and is handed over to the [...]

Non-Compliance By South African Businesses

2020-07-17T10:17:37+02:00Jul 12th, 2018|

Has your business kept abreast of all the regulatory legal updates that form the commercial law framework in South Africa? If not, you (as the business director) as well as your business, could land in hot water. Repercussions can range in anything from significant fines to mandatory jail sentences and company liquidation. Compliance with the current [...]

What Is A Sale In Execution?

2020-07-17T11:00:15+02:00Jul 12th, 2018|

An individual’s credit history sometimes catches up with them. The occurrence is no more prolific than in the property market, and many a homeowner in South Africa has had their home taken away from them because they have failed to pay their home loan or bond. When this occurs, the practice is called ‘a sale [...]

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