Can Child Custody Be Settled Out Of Court? Benefits Of Custody Agreements.

Can child custody be settled out of court? Taking the matter of child custody to court can often be a lengthy and expensive experience. The court is often the scene of aggravated disputes between parents or carers of the child or children. There is, however, an alternative. Many parents and carers choose to settle their child custody cases outside of the court. Being able to settle cases of child custody out-of-court offers many benefits.

With the guiding assistance of an attorney, parents may reach a settlement agreement with each other. This agreement can be done informally and may cover all areas of child custody, which would include visitation rights and maintenance. Some parents will choose to be represented at the settlement agreement meetings by an attorney who will first and foremost consider the best interests of the child/children, and then that of their client. The settlement agreement will be a written agreement so that it may stand in good stead legally.

The main reason as to why parents would want to make a settlement agreement out-of-court would be to avoid the stress and emotional trauma. Neither the parents nor the children would have to discuss their family environment in front of a judge and his/her officials. A settlement agreement is also a lot less expensive. The written agreement is then presented to the family judge for their approval and signature.

Having agreed on an out-of-court settlement the parents or carers are also more likely to follow an agreed parenting plan. A successful custody agreement means that parents will consider each other’s visitations schedules and maintenance responsibilities.

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