Advantages of Shared Custody

Modern day child custody cases require both parents  to take part in their children’s lives. As both parents hold significant roles in their children’s lives, child custody cases are more likely to work, as both parents will be motivated to ensure that the best environment and opportunities are provided to the children.

What was considered the conventional model of child custody was when the mother would have sole custody of the child/children, and the father would be granted visitation alongside his required maintenance. However, this model of child custody has changed. Most parents are starting to adopt a shared custody approach, as encouraged by many child custody attorneys and states at large.

Advantages of Shared Custody:

Both parents can, in cases of shared custody, play a larger role in the lives of the children. This not only reinforces emotional bond and attachment between the children and each of the parents, but children will benefit more emotionally by feeling adequately loved by both parents.

In cases of shared custody the responsibility of parenting is not the responsibility of a single parent. Both parents have to assume the responsibility of looking after, feeding and supporting the children, relieving the pressure that is normally felt by single parents.

Children are provided not one, but two strong family-based homes; both environments in which they feel comfortable and can concentrate on both extra mural activities and school tasks.

Shared custody requires more cooperation between parents, often resulting in diminishing animosity so that parents can work together to ensure a smooth schedule for the children.

Many more separated parents in South Africa are adopting the shared custody approach to child custody. This way children will be ensured a protective and loving environment  by both parents.

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