4 Things To Do Before A Divorce Where Custody Is Involved

Divorce is a messy and tiresome process that is emotionally traumatic for all those involved. Unfortunately, many cases of divorce involve children, and child custody agreements will need to be drafted.

As a parent, there are a few tips on things you can do to ensure that the process is made a little easier for yourself. If you are hoping to gain the right and responsibility to care for your children, then the following tips may prove essential in retaining custody.

  • Do not compromise yourself on social media. Events are often blown out of proportion during cases of divorce and child custody. Pictures and other evidence of party-going, as well as alcohol consumption, may be used against you in court. This evidence is most often found on social media, and although it may falsely represent your actions, your partner may use it to prove that you are unfit as a parent.
  • In no way attempt a smearing/slander campaign against your spouse. Emails, social media messages, mobile texts and other evidence may be used against you in court. Slander may even cause you to pay damages and is likely to affect the outcome of the court’s decision regarding the child custody.
  • Make sure that you document your involvement in your children’s lives. This may be done by keeping a journal or tracking activities over a calendar. Include all important functions that you were present for, such as birthdays or parents evenings. Include your involvement in your child’s daily routines, as well as information regarding the other parent and how often they are involved. This may be used in court to decide on the custody of the children.
  • Make sure that you secure yourself financially. We understand that this may be difficult, especially if you are not earning an income. The most important thing to do is to collect as much information as possible regarding your finances, including information on your assets, current debts and expenses, as well as information regarding policies. Make sure that all refinancing and other important transactions get made before filing the divorce. In cases where you are not the primary ‘breadwinner’ in the family, it may be a good idea to set aside money before filing for a divorce.

These are just a few tips to take into consideration before filing for a divorce, especially where child custody is at stake. Ultimately, the courts’ decisions are made to ensure that children are provided the best care possible in future, and it is by following recommendations like those provided above, that may determine your and your children’s future positively.

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